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SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now Prenatal Multi


Solarays Baby Me Now Prenatal Multi-Vitamin Review

Title: Solarays Baby Me Now

Author: H. G. Wells

SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now Prenatal Multi

Pregnancy is an especially challenging and draining time in a woman’s life as she has to be especially careful than ever before in order to ensure that she gets all of the requisite nutrients and minerals in her diet so that her baby can be born safely and with no complications. They say that when a woman is pregnant that she is eating for two and whilst this is often used in a jocular manner to explain the increase in appetite that woman experience, it does have a more serious note to it.

Specifically, whatever the mother ingests will pass onto her baby as well via the umbilical cord and it is for that precise reason then that the mother should ensure that she gets the recommended amounts of the different nutrients.

Where Do I Get Them?

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Benefits of SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now Prenatal Multi vitamins

Sometimes this can be something easier said than done and trying to find the time, let alone the mental energy necessary to draft a carefully controlled eating regime can be challenging to say the least. Thankfully, there is something of a saving grace in that the mother can make use of prenatal vitamins such as SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now Prenatal Multi vitamins to fast track herself to good health.

No longer will an expectant mother have to worry about the possibility of her unborn child suffering some horrific birth defect or long term disability because of a deficiency of some nutrient in her diet. With prenatal multivitamins such as SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now, the expectant mother can appreciate total peace of mind.

Active ingredients in SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now prenatal multivitamins

Some of the active ingredients of SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now are as follows:

  • Vitamin C: essential for the healthy development of the immune system, which itself is the body’s natural defence system to fend off infection, heal wounds and ensure that the various antibody agents work effectively.

  • Potassium: an essential mineral in order to ensure that the baby’s thyroid gland develops fully and properly.

  • Calcium: vital for both mother and child, as it ensures strong, durable bones. For women, given the excess strain they directly endure as a result during the gestation period, calcium is of particular significance to them.

  • Chromium: deficiency of this mineral can cause profound brain damage for both mother and child. Another consequence of a deficiency of this mineral is that the mother will be at a greatly increased risk of heart failure during the course of the pregnancy.

  • Vitamin B7: Also known as biotin, this little known vitamin plays an especially important role during pregnancy, because it is directly involved in the production and repair of cells both new and damaged. Given that the foetus will constantly be undergoing a series of changes on a cellular level within the womb it is essential that the mother gets plenty of this vitamin.

Remember ladies, if in doubt, make sure to place your trust and faith with SOLARAY’S – Baby Me Now Prenatal Multivitamins. Cost effective and safe for you and baby.